2019 CantonFair

Do you have a space? 20 or 50? Do you have an Idea for a store or product? Do you want to open a boutique like Miniso? Do you need a variety of exquisite products?

If so, please look down.

2019 CantonFair

We can provide a shop design, we can also provide shop equipment, such as exhibition shelves.

We can also provide high quality and high price products. We can also provide exquisite product packaging.

Some customers will ask, so your initial order is high?

Don’t worry about starting order. We only need 1-2 pieces.

2019 CantonFair

From April 23 to 27, 2019, Top Ease showcased such a boutique to customers from all over the world in the second phase of the Canton Fair. Many customers even placed orders on the spot, and they have been shipped smoothly.

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We will mail you samples and catalogs later!