An Analysis of the Competitiveness of China’s Export Commodities

Based on the classification of export commodities by technological content, the researchers used the latest trade statistics to study the current situation and evolution trend of China’s industrial international competitiveness.

The results show that:

(1) Divide China’s manufactured industrial products according to the technological content into the order of low, medium and high, and the international competitiveness of Chinese manufactured goods is approximately U-shaped;

(2) The distance between China’s export advantage products and potential products is relatively close, which lays a good micro-foundation for the smooth transformation of export structure.

(3) Medium and high-tech manufactured goods such as machinery and transport equipment will lead the transformation and upgrading of China’s export structure, and the labor-intensive product groups with strong international competitiveness will be divided.

(4) In the future, China’s leading position in the field of low-tech products will be challenged mainly by the countries in South Europe, the countries in transition in Central and Eastern Europe and India. In the field of medium-tech manufactured goods, China will mainly compete with the developed countries in the Continent of Europe. In the field of high-tech manufactured goods, China needs to catch up with and surpass the developed economies in the United States, Europe and East Asia. In order to improve the international competitiveness of China’s industries, the government should attach great importance to the prominent problems of weak competitiveness and low product density of medium-tech manufactured goods, objectively view the dual role of labor-intensive manufactured goods in the transformation and upgrading of export structure, timely optimize the policy mix of high-tech industries, and take the climbing of value chain as the policy priority goal.

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