How about the Procurement Agent in China?

What are the requirements of the purchasing agent?

Purchasing agents are charged. Prior to May 31, 2019, the gold medal cooperation fee was 1598 yuan. After June 1, 2019, it was adjusted to 1998 yuan. Later, there will be geographical restrictions. When you want to be an agent, it also depends on the local situation, which will avoid multiple agents competing in a region at the same time. If you want to develop in Yiwu, the cost is 15,000 yuan, and you will provide office space, channels and related process training.

What exactly should the agent do?

First of all, there must be a dynamic circle of friends. Specifically, I don’t need to compile or write by myself, just copy the dynamics of my circle of friends every day. I will have a lot of copies every day, you have your own ideas, you can also targeted to forward. But don’t bother. You can take out half an hour every day.

But the role of the circle of friends is to present products, but don’t place all your earning hopes in the circle of friends. Believing that 99% of the people in the circle of friends do not have big men or business owners of Ma Yun, Li Jiacheng, Li Kaifu, Xu Jiayin, etc. Don’t expect to make friends’money. If you earn less, he will feel that you are making his money. We need agents to jump out of the circle of friends. Many agents have acquired many customers in the simplest way we have taught them.

For example, print a thousand business cards on a picture shop or Taobao, put on your phone and micro-mail, the cost of tens of dollars, take them when you go out, go shopping in the shop, go to restaurants, snack shops, go to night market stalls.. At this time, you can hand over a business card. Over time, customers will come to consult, do not feel embarrassed, not to let you distribute leaflets, let you sell products, or in two sentences to pass a business card. Simple things, many bosses will not refuse, because offline business people will be more interested in the real product advertising associated with their own.

A thousand business cards will be sent out, and you will be contacted at 50-80, a quarter of the cooperation rate, that is, 12-20 cooperation customers. If there are other new cooperative customers in succession, and if there are second purchases, as long as our quality is guaranteed, there are many customers who often cooperate. With the growth of customers, they will only accumulate more and more. Some people will doubt that this is not necessarily the case when they say something well. They do not deny that there will be some individual problems, but they are basically not major ones.

In the case of quality assurance, the price we offer is based on a lot of profit margin. If we do not have confidence, take Daily Chemicals as an example, we can go to the local supermarket to make a comparison. Agent fees, products, these prices can be further discounted? If you want to purchase goods, we have tried our best to give the most affordable price, if you want to lower the price, it is related to the quality of the problem, not in our business scope. If you want to act as an agent, for the agency fee, it is within the scope of many people’s bearing. We do not rely on the agency fee to survive. The agency fee is also the supervision of the agent. If you pay for it, you have to act for it. Those who are not confident in themselves, who grind and chatter about their work, and who fish for three days and sun their nets for two days are not suitable for doing so. Old customers know that we don’t bargain, but they will take care of them even if they don’t mention it.

As a China purchasing agent, Yiwu Top Ease IMP.&EXP.CO.,LTD is your adviser in choosing products.

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