How long Does Shipping Take from China to USA

We need to know how long does shipping take from China to USA. First, we need to know what ports the United States has.

Port of Mexico: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland Oakland, San Francisco San Francisco, Seattle, Tacoma Tacoma.

East Port: Portland, New York, Norfolk, Savannah, Charleston, Baltimore, Houston, Wilmington, New Orleans, Miami, Jacksonville.

How long does shipping take from China to USA depends on the route of the east coast and the West coast? To the west coast of the United States, shipping takes about 13 to 16 days, because shipping companies have different prices, so the time is long or short. It takes about 25 to 28 days to get to the east coast of the United States through the Pacific Ocean, then through the Panama Canal, and finally to the East coast. It can also be transported to the West Coast and then inland to the East Coast, commonly known as the Small Road Bridge (MLB), which takes about 21-23 days, but is more expensive than shipping.

Let’s take a concrete example to illustrate how long does shipping take from China to USA.

Take Shenzhen for example. It takes about 14 to 20 days to get to Mexico Port and 30 days to get to Mexico Port. So it’s better to know exactly where to get it.

Taking Shenzhen to Los Angeles as an example, HPL, KLNE, CMA, NYK and other shipping companies need about 13 days of the voyage, APL, WHL, OOCL, COSCO, PIL and MSC need about 15 days.

Taking Shenzhen to New York as an example, KLINE, COSCO, NYK, OOCL, HPL, EMC, APL and other shipping companies need 28 days’voyage, HMM, MSK, ZIM, MSC and other shipping companies need about 30 days’ voyage.

Of course, the same shipping company, different shipping time, the limitation will be a day or two. For example, if the ship to Los Angeles (LA) leaves on Thursday and Saturday, it will arrive in 14 days. If the boat leaves on Friday and Sunday, it will arrive in 11 days. The boat to Oakland (OAK) also leaves on Friday and Sunday. It takes 15 days to arrive.

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