How Much is Shipping from US to China

Now, with the rapid development of various industries in our country, the topic of international import and export has become the focus of attention of major sellers. For example, someone recently asked: How much is the shipping cost from  US to China? Starting from different ports, which port to arrive in China, and which shipping company to choose, these problems will affect the calculation of shipping price. For this reason, today I would like to introduce how much it costs to ship from US to China.

Let’s first know how to calculate the shipping price. There are two main types of cost calculation for shipping from US to China. One is the whole container cargo and the other is the combined container cargo. These two methods include three kinds of calculation methods. They are three common parts in the cost composition, namely, basic freight, port surcharge, and fuel surcharge. If you want to know more, you can always consult us.

If you are looking for a freight forwarding company to help you complete the transportation of goods, you will also charge some service fees, such as operation fee, miscellaneous fee, packing fee, customs declaration fee and so on, in addition to the price of shipping fees. Generally speaking, the cost of shipping from  US to China is the basic freight and surcharge. The surcharge is based on different time and cargo, also divided into many kinds, such as for overweight, super-long surcharge, port surcharge, fuel surcharge and so on.

If congestion occurs at the departure port in a special period, there will also be a port congestion surcharge. How much is the shipping cost from  US to China at this time? If you stay at the port for too long, there will also be some temporary warehousing costs. There are many kinds of surcharges, and the ones mentioned above are just a few.

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