How Much to Open A Retail Store

In recent years, the retail industry has been rising continuously, and retail stores have blossomed all over the country. Traditional retail stores have also turned to the development of the Internet. If we want to have a foothold in the fiercely competitive market in this industry, we must make innovative breakthroughs. There will be a lot of questions about how much to open a retail store, and what preparations do we need to make? The following sections are for your reference to sort out how much to open a retail store.

Site selection and decoration: For online e-commerce, there is no concept of site selection, as long as there are enough funds to pull enough traffic. And offline is different, only to find a gold shop, to ensure the stability of the flow. Therefore, store location must be carefully selected.

Recruitment of personnel: While decorating stores, the recruitment of personnel should start at the same time. When you confirm the location of your store, you can make inquiries in the vicinity, ask your peers about salary levels, welfare benefits, and by the way, also know the situation of consumers in the lower region. Once the salary situation is confirmed, we can start to recruit. If the stores are not big and the demand is not very large, some free recruitment websites and the recruitment announcements of the stores can meet the demand.

License processing: After the business license comes down, on the one hand, to handle the registration of the national and local tax accounts, bank account opening work, convenient for the latter to pay taxes according to law. Generally speaking, the business license will have the link of field investigation. So we need to be prepared to do some public relations work at the right time. During this period, there will also be fire inspection work, which is very important.

Store preparation: After the external conditions are ready, we begin to display goods, install shelves, and achieve hygiene. After confirming the opening time, work can be carried out according to the timeline. Shop display will directly affect the store’s business, so this area should pay attention to hygiene, store atmosphere and other factors.

Before opening a store, we should confirm the opening activities, stock up the goods, and publicize them before opening. For example, invite some media to publicize, market public number recommendation, establish some SNS platform publicity, etc. It would be better if there were promotion costs.

You can roughly estimate how much to open a retail store from the above preparation reference. Before making these preparations, people who plan to open a retail store must have a reasonable plan for their assets.

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