How To Buy Goods In Yiwu Market

Generally speaking, many importers buy products from Chinese fairs, Alibaba, or markets in Guangzhou, but you can only attend the fairs at specific times, and there are so many suppliers on Alibaba, some do not have enough experience for the business. Also, the market in Guangzhou is mainly selling electric products and other single-category products.

So I highly recommend that you come to Yiwu Wholesale Market, Which is the biggest wholesale market in the world. I am sure you will find the proper supplier for yourself.

1. Where is Yiwu?

Yiwu is located in central Zhejiang province near the central eastern coast of China. It’s famous as the world’s wholesale commodity center. It is close to Ningbo port and Shanghai port.
There are more than 70, 000 booths in the Yiwu market exhibiting different products. It makes Yiwu more of a huge fair instead of a market. And what distinguishes it from all the other open fairs is that the Yiwu market is open all year round, except during the Spring Festival.  Many suppliers also come from different parts of China, they concentrated their superior products on the Yiwu market to sell, which makes it easier for customers at home and from abroad to make centralized purchases.

2. The map of the Yiwu market

Yiwu market has a total of 5 districts, each district have 3-4 floors, it is better to know where is the product before you go inside, you can refer to the map below:


3. How to communicate with the suppliers in the market?

Most of the suppliers in the market understand basic English, like price, quantity, and delivery time, they usually show you the RMB price from a calculator. So if you do not have a special requirement for the order and can pay cash, you can do it yourself.

But if you want deep communication for the price or the packing, it is better to get a translator. The translator will help you negotiate the price, and tell the suppliers all your requirements, like MOQ for customizing packaging and so on. The reward for an English translator will be about $40-$50 per day.

But the translator will help you only in the market, after leaving the market, the rest will be not her job. It is better for you to find an agent to do the rest work for you.

4. How to find a Yiwu market agent?

If you are abroad but want to find a good agent in advance for visiting the Yiwu market, then you can search for “Yiwu Market Agent” on Google, where you will find some Yiwu agents. If you have already arrived in Yiwu, you will see a lot of advertisements about Yiwu agents at the airport, train station, and even at your hotel entrance. You can choose one of them. it is important to find a good company and build trust with them since long-term cooperation is important.

5. What does the Yiwu market agent can do for you?

1)If you plan to come to Yiwu, the agent can book tickets and a hotel for you, and pick you up from the airport or train station to the hotel.
2) The agent will take you to the market to find the products you want, help to negotiate prices with suppliers and make records for all the information about the product, like price, qty/ctn, cbm/ctn, size, weight, delivery time, and take photos.
3)The agent will print all the product information for you before you go, also send it to your email. It is easier for you to choose the items, and save time.
4)After you decide to make an order for some items, the agent can help you to arrange the order, and follow the order to make sure it can deliver on time.
5)The agent usually has their own warehouse in China, which can protect the goods well. They will also check the goods when the supplier delivers and can send you the inspection pictures you need.
6)The agent will help to contact your shipping forwarder to arrange the shipment for you, if you do not have one, the agent will recommend you an experienced forwarder to make sure the goods are shipped successfully.
7)The agent will prepare all the documents to you to help you clear the containers. If you need special certifications, it is better to inform the agent in advance.

6. How to customize your products?

1) Find the factory or your agent with the products you need, provide the quantity and design requirements, and get a satisfactory quotation.
2) Provide your exact design drawing and design requirements (usually in AI format). If there is no source file for the design, ask the factory to help with the design.
3) If you need to see the accurate effect of finished products, you can ask the factory to make the proof (1-10 pc), and then the whole production can be carried out after confirmation. If you do not need to make the sample, you can directly make the whole production after confirming the whole production sample.
4) Get your custom products

7. How to change the packaging and tag?

1) Provide accurate packaging style and label template to the factory or agent.
2) Pay a certain labor cost, carton cost, and packaging cost.

8. How to distinguish a foreign trade company from a factory?

Foreign trade companies: Have many kinds of products, the minimum order quantity is usually small, the price is slightly high, and middle-specialization level in products. Timely reply, thoughtful service, clear communication. Problems solved in a timely manner, professional trade process, let a person be at ease.

Factory: The variety of products is relatively single, the minimum order quantity is usually large, the price is relatively low, high- specialization level in products. Not timely reply, lack of good service, communication is sometimes difficult. The problem was solved slowly and the trade process was not professional or even existed.

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