How to Get to Yiwu China

Yiwu has a long history, which was founded in 222 B.C. and was withdrawn from the county to a city in 1988. There are many celebrities emerging in YIWU, including Luo Binwang, one of the “Four Great Men of the Early Tang Dynasty”, Zongze, the famous general, Zhu Danxi, one of the four famous doctors of the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, Chen Wangdao, the modern educator, Feng Xuefeng, one artistic theorist, and Wu Hao, a historian.

Yiwu is a city with many outstanding characteristics – the first county-level comprehensive international trade reform pilot area in China, one of the 18 typical areas of reform and opening up, and the top ten dynamic cities of county-level cities in China.


The total land area of Yiwu Railway Station is 46800 square meters and the building area is 14927 square meters. There are two floors in the waiting room, which can accommodate 3000 people to wait for the train at the same time. At the same time, it has two main railway lines, Zhejiang-Jiangxi line and Hangzhou-Changzhou line, and has the common station of Putien Railway and High-speed Railway.


Yiwu is the transportation hub in the middle of Zhejiang Province. The double-track of Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway runs 42 kilometers through Yiwu, with 6 stations, Dachen, Suxi, Lotus Leaf Tang, Yiwu, Guantang and Yiting. Highways are accessible in all directions, including the provincial highway Hangjin Line, Yipu Line and Shengdongyi Line. Jinyong Expressway connects with Hangzhou Jinqu Expressway in this city. Joint consignment business covers more than 140 large and medium-sized cities throughout the country. The three-dimensional traffic of highway, railway and aviation has been formed. Highway traffic network, such as Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, Jinyong Expressway crossing, 03 Provincial Highway, 20 Provincial Highway, 37 Provincial Highway links Yiwu with the surrounding areas.


Yiwu Airport is 5.5 kilometers away from the center of Yiwu City, which is the largest airport in the Midwest of Zhejiang Province. It has opened more than 10 routes, including Guangzhou, Beijing, Shantou, Xiamen and Shenzhen.

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