How to Source a Reliable Clothing Supplier?

When you cooperate with unfamiliar small factories and clothing suppliers, the following points should be noted to help you effectively avoid potential risks.

Knowing people

Be able to appraise a person’s ability and character correctly. You need to judge whether the other person is reliable or not. Knowing people requires intuition. Sometimes people have to trust their intuition. Women may have an advantage in this respect, and their intuition in knowing people is more accurate than men’s. In fact, no matter what you do, finding trustworthy people is the most fundamental.

Sign a contract

Unless you go to the spot market where you pay money and deliver goods at one hand, as long as you go to cooperate with factories and traders, you need to sign contracts formally, and the other party needs to invoice you. Sometimes there may be situations where the tax can be exempted without invoicing and the price can be lower. For this phenomenon, I personally think that in fact, the state has given small entrepreneurs a lot of tax incentives, many of which will be exempted later. I own a company myself, so it’s clear that big companies and small companies have different taxation methods.

Secondly, invoicing is a kind of protection for oneself. Don’t save this money. In fact, there won’t be much tax on your purchases. Therefore, we must sign a contract and invoice, which is to protect ourselves.

What are the elements of signing a business contract?Do you know how to sign a business contract and what to pay attention to?

1. See the business license.
Make sure that the signatory agrees with the license in case the other party borrows another person’s license to sign a contract with you. Because you are going to make an advance payment. If the money was not the same person in the past, you would be deceived.
Current business licenses are available online. The Bureau of Industry and Commerce has established an information publicity system for enterprises. Is the enterprise real? Is it effective? These can be found above. If not, the authenticity is questionable.

2. Must look at each other’s ID card. In general, large companies do not need to do so, because their own information is more reliable. Individuals should be very careful, especially when you have to pay in advance.

3. No goods, no final payment. Be sure to inspect the goods. Because many people find fabrics faulty when they take them back. In addition, as far as possible, leave 10% of the tail money. Although for beginners, the other party may be unwilling, then you must pay for pre-inspection.

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