Import Guidelines: What Goods Do You Have on Each Floor of Yiwu Wholesale Market

The following is a detailed list of Yiwu wholesale market guide, please refer carefully to:

Yiwu International Trade City, China

1 area market

The first district market was completed on September 28, 2002. The market covers an area of 420 Mu and 340,000 square meters. It has five business zones: main market, direct marketing center of production enterprises, commodity purchasing center, warehousing center and catering center. There are more than 9,000 businesses with 11,000 households.
1F: Toy flower (simulated flower), flower accessories, east auxiliary room (Toys/Jewelry)
2F: Headwear jewelry
3F: Festival craft decoration, craft tourism, craft porcelain crystal frame accessories
4F: Taiwanese commercial hall (flowers and crafts), manufacturing enterprise direct sales center (jewelry and crafts)
There are three floors in the eastern part of District 1. They are wholesale jewelry accessories and so on.

2 area market

The second district market opened on October 22, 2004. It covers an area of 483 Mu and has a construction area of more than 600,000 square meters. It has more than 8,000 business places and more than 10,000 households.
1F: Rainbow cape/Packaging bag, umbrella, luggage
2F: Electrical products/locks; hardware; tools/accessories child cars/bicycles
3F: Hardware kitchen and sanitary ware/small household appliances/battery/lamp/torch/electronic, telecommunication equipment, electronic instruments/photographic equipment, clocks and watches
4F: Anhui Pavilion/Yueqing pavilion/Hong Kong pavilion/Sichuan pavilion/Korea pavilion/luggage/electronics/clocks/hardware/electrical appliances
5F: Special commodities of foreign trade institutions

3 area market

The three market districts officially opened on October 22, 2005, with a construction area of more than 460,000 square meters and more than 6,000 business places.
1F: New Year picture calendar couplets
1F: pen, ink, paper products/glasses
2F: Office Learning/Cultural Sports/Sports Leisure
3F: Cosmetics/cosmetic accessories/beauty hair/mirror comb buttons/Zipper accessories/accessories/clothing accessories
4F: Manufacturing enterprise-cosmetics/beauty production enterprise-cultural sports/outdoor products Zhejiang manufacturing function center
5F: Decorative painting/decorative painting accessories/processing machinery

4 area market

The four districts have a construction area of 1.08 million square meters, more than 16,000 businesses and 19,000 households.
1F: socks/underpants
2F: Knitted Cotton/Hat Gloves/daily department stores/earmuffs
3F: wool/tie/lace/towel/ribbon/footwear
4F: belt/accessories/bra/underwear/scarf
5F: Tourist shopping center/clothing/footwear/daily purchase (Chaozhou ceramics) photo frame/accessories painting

5 area market

The market of the five districts covers 266.2 mu, with a construction area of 640,000 square meters and more than 7,000 business places.
1F: Imported food and health products/Imported garment department stores/imported crafts/African exhibition and marketing centre/other imported goods
2F: Bedding/wedding products
3F: curtain fabric/knitted fabric/knitted raw materials/wedding supplies/hotel supplies
4F: automotive supplies/motorcycle accessories/small commodities distribution pet (aquarium) supplies
5F: Netizens serve Yiwu E-Commerce park

Yiwu Daoyuan Garment Market

1F: Pants / Jeans
2F: Menswear
3F: women’s wear
4F: pyjamas/sweaters/sportswear/shirts/wedding/evening dress/sportswear/women’s wear
5F: children’s wear
6F: Korea import garment city

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