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Merry Christmas

With the integration of cultures of different countries, it is well known that December 24 is Christmas Eve and December 25 is Christmas day. In the past few years, the Chinese people didn’t know much about this festival, but now, with the popularization and spread of civilizations in various countries, Christmas has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and known by most people.

Before December 25, our company decorated early and added a lot of Christmas atmosphere. We pasted snowflakes, Santa Claus, elk and other patterns on the doors and windows early. Large Christmas trees and gifts were also placed in the hall on the first floor. Of course, we designed posters long ago to surprise customers, We also sent Christmas greetings and take videos to our customers one by one, hoping that they would be safe and healthy. Some customers who have cooperated for a long time with us, we also gave them gifts with Chinese characteristics in advance, so they all felt so warm and sweet.

The company also prepared Christmas gift boxes for each employee early. As Christmas gifts for us, it was like Santa Claus giving gifts to everyone. Everyone was very happy. The team also bought some snacks such as milk tea, dessert and fried chicken to celebrate the day, it’s a really beautiful day.

The coming of Christmas means that the new year is coming soon. I hope the epidemic should end quickly, and everyone can be happy and healthy in the new year, welcome the beauty of 2022 together.

Merry Christmas

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