Press Conference of 2019 China Yiwu Stationery and Gift Exhibition

The news conference of “2019 China Yiwu Stationery and Gifts Exhibition ” was held in the afternoon of May 10 in the heart of yiwu. This exhibition is co-sponsored by China sports goods association and China pen making association, co-sponsored by Zhejiang China commodity city group Co., Ltd., and sponsored by yiwu cultural goods industry association.

China yiwu stationery and gift exhibition has always taken “innovative thinking, integration of resources, group development, cooperation and win-win” as its purpose, strengthening services, emancipating the mind, taking the road of internationalization, specialization, marketization and brand culture, and promoting the development of Chinese sporting goods industry.

Compared with 2018, this exhibition has achieved three major upgrades: scale upgrade, service upgrade and content upgrade.

Scale Upgrading of Exhibition

Due to the successful holding of yiwu stationery and gift exhibition in 2018, there has been a warm response in the industry. This year, the exhibition area has increased to 5 pavilions, with 2336 standard exhibition booths. The number of professional visitors is expected to exceed 70,000. More than 2,000 foreign businessmen are expected to attend the exhibition. The number of exhibition booths is difficult to find and ranks first in stationery industry. It is the largest stationery exposition in China that combines domestic and foreign trade.

Upgrading of Exhibition Services

Over the years, the exhibition has gathered about 100,000 business resources. The new face recognition technology will be used in the service of the exhibition. Face recognition system will be used to input precisely the information of the purchaser, real-time monitor the time of the purchaser staying in the exhibition hall, and better realize the business lead, and establish a large data platform for the industry. Through many forms, such as investment and trade exhibitions, new product launches, online cultural expositions, joint order fairs, conference forums, large-scale entertainment dinners and so on, it provides services for enterprises, build cooperation platforms, achieve two-way interaction, achieve mutual benefit and win-win, and promote common development.

Upgrading of Exhibition Content

The exhibition also set up live news broadcasters to synchronize the four places for the first time (Yiwu International Trade City, three districts market, Kunming Zhonghao Luoshiwan International Trade City, Shenyang Dragon Dream Market, live news broadcaster), invite stationery industry cafes to be guest in the broadcasters, share the cutting-edge trend of stationery industry, and set up industry benchmarks. In addition, 100 enterprises jointly promote sales to deepen exhibition linkages; add new stationery industry personality selection to develop industry standards for the stationery industry.

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