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Factory Sales Dancing Cactus For Babies Talking & Repeating

Size:13.55 x 5.48 x 4.22 inches
Material Option: non-toxic and harmless soft plush
MOQ: 1pc
Supply Ability:20000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Dancing Cactus–The Best Friend For Chrilden.

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Product Description

Dancing Cactus Plush Toys

The dancing cactus can sing (120 songs) and will bring you a happy mood. At the same time, it can also dance. It swings its body and also glows. Also, it records and repeats what you said. Of course, this sound is not your original sound, but processed through. Repeat what you said, in a very funny tone, and it brings joy to your family.

Dancing Cactus Sing Multiple Songs Repeat What You Say for Baby Kids

120 English songs bring joy to children. Twisting with cactus toys, LED lights can create a fun atmosphere for kids.

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