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Hand-held Groove Gap Cleaning Tools OEM Custom

Color: Green
Handle Material: Polypropylene
Material: PP Handle + Nylon Bristles

The Hand-held Groove Gap Cleaning Tools makes cleaning windows, sliding doors and shower door tracks easy and fast.

Product Description

Hand-held Groove Gap Cleaning Tools OEM Custom

1. The bristles are made of dense and hard nylon, which can effectively clean stubborn dust without deformation.
2. One end is a cleaning brush for sweeping away loose dirt and the other end is a scraper for shoveling stubborn dirt.
3. The brush is washable and reusable, designed with small holes for easy hanging, saving space and drying.
4. High-quality pp handle body, curved design, comfortable grip. Save cleaning time and improve efficiency.
5. The brush head is thin, which can extend into narrow gaps, and the cleaning effect is better.


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