Questions and Answers on Wholesale and Agent of Yiwu Goods

1. What products are there?

There are hundreds of products, and new products will be updated periodically according to the season. The main products are as follows: Daily chemicals series, children’s toys series, household appliances series, shoes, hats, clothing and socks series, daily necessities, small business products, seasonal goods (such as winter-related products, summer-related products), etc., can be chosen freely according to their own needs and conditions.

2. Are they cheaters?

Customers who have not cooperated in such problems will have doubts, and they are just beginning to get in touch with people’s common sense. Indeed, entrepreneurship is always risky. We should have our own judgment, at least basic judgment and right-wrong recognition. We have said a word to many first-time cooperation agents. Thank you for your trust, and we will never fail you.

3. What is the product advantage?

In fact, this is a question of whether it is better than quality or price. There must be some channels that are lower than price and honestly. We all know that, but we can neither do it nor do it. Those with low prices are of poor quality. For us, the ultimate harm of a one-time deal and a good price war is ourselves, which has not lasted for a long time. While guaranteeing the quality, we will give more profit margin to the agency service, which is absolutely competitive in the market. I also hope that more entrepreneurs will take a long view and not give up more opportunities in the end for the sake of temporary small profits.

4. What is the agent?

Agents take goods to enjoy the company’s internal price, that is, lower than the price of products issued by the general, life-long agent, no time limit! You can learn online and offline wholesale sales business skills, learning experience, operating methods! Where the agent receives orders, the company delivers goods on behalf of the agent, the agent does not need to hoard goods, we solve distribution, delivery, warehousing, products, logistics, after-sales! No need to stock up, no need to store staff costs, zero risk.
Yiwu Top Ease IMP.&EXP.CO.,LTD provides Yiwu proxy service to make the best choice for the products you want to buy.

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