Sales of Yiwu Goods

Yiwu market, with its smooth flow of goods, is changing with each passing day and is full of vitality. According to the data released by Ali Research Institute, Yiwu’s goods sales ranked first in “Baijia County of E-commerce in China” for three consecutive years. It is the most active city for E-commerce entrepreneurship, online shopping and consumption, and the best express service.
With the innovation and development of the market, Yiwu has made every effort to create a new situation in which “sea, land and air” traffic goes hand in hand. Since this year, Yiwu has accelerated the construction of special supervision zones for air ports, railway ports and customs, and strived to build a three-dimensional logistics system for highway, railway, maritime and air transport.
Since the G20 Hangzhou Summit, Yiwu’s goods import and export trade has steadily increased. Yiwu International Trade City’s products sold in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other markets have been constantly innovating to win the market with new products. The goods produced according to the huge orders, steadily take the international freight train, from Yiwu to Xinjiang, through Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries, travel more than 13,000 kilometers to Madrid, Spain.
On September 14, 2016, the China-Europe train (Yiwu-Madrid) departed from Yiwu on time again, the 70th time since the train was opened.
Starting this year, Yiwu proposed to change from “reform pilot field” to “reform front-runner”, focusing on internationalization, striving to make breakthroughs in expanding opening up and realize the transformation from “coastal inland” to “international land port city”.
The smooth opening of efficient and convenient new channels of international trade has injected new vitality into the development of foreign trade in Zhejiang and even the whole country. According to business statistics, there were 400,000 inbound passengers and businessmen in Yiwu last year, and 3,000 standard containers and 600,000 express parcels were shipped to the world every day. Yiwu achieved 143.66 billion Yuan in foreign trade exports from January to August 2016, an increase of 7.68% over the same period last year.

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