Secrets of Purchasing and Agent Inquiry

As a supplier, almost all of them have such experience. Many customers call and ask for quotations and compare prices. Then I will mention that other people’s prices are better… Suppliers often get bored when they hear this. Because, accidentally, your bottom price has been omitted. You won’t be a good customer for them.
What you care about is the price, not the product, which means that you can do business with yourself in the future. It must be that today’s price is lower and tomorrow’s price is higher. Suppliers prefer a stable customer (size is not the most important) rather than a wandering customer.

Some customers think that their needs are big enough to attract agents. However, the larger the quantity, the more troublesome it is. If the delivery is not timely, it is the customer’s complaint. How many times does the weather change? It’s really a dilemma.
These customers are often blacklisted in the original factory. Even if they get such a customer agent, they are not too afraid to register with the original factory and place orders easily. Because the original factory often tells them that this is already someone’s customer, you don’t touch. What a shame!

Some general components can be ordered without having to register with the original factory. They are not without good price, just because you are not the good customer they think, and they dare not give you good price, because you have no tacit understanding. If you take his price and press down on other agents, it will be a big trouble for the original factory to know.

Therefore, if you choose the type of R&D products, you should first introduce the basic situation to find the agent, and ask their FAE to recommend the corresponding products to you. Sales gives you a reference price (you know, a discount is the cost price you’ll get later). They are then asked to provide or buy samples from them on a regular basis. If you are purchasing, you should first introduce your situation. If you have used the products of the original factory, you must be “registered” out.

So you should first discuss with them the possibility of becoming their customers. It was pointed out beforehand that they should have many ways to muddle through. If it is possible to discuss product quality assurance (not the key point, because quality is mainly guaranteed by the original factory), inventory and delivery, and finally price. This is a reasonable beginning, so that the agent will understand you, attach importance to you, in order to enter into further discussion. Understanding the agent’s inventory and supply capacity should be the key point, each agent has its own business policy and product focus. Does the customer’s needs echo their priorities? This is very important. Big agents, big businesses, but some of them may not be what you want.

There is also the ability of agents to take goods, especially in the case of insufficient supply. It is not necessarily early to place an order. It depends on the magic power of the original factory. This taste is believed to have been tasted by many customers.

If the supply and delivery are guaranteed, the price is the last one. Price is not put in the final discussion because price is not important, but because, without the front guarantee, price is water without source and wood without foundation. What’s the point of a good price?

The business of components is usually not a one-hammer deal, and it will be long in the future. Prices can be put in the next Cost Down to slow down. What’s the rush? (How to Cost Down? I’ll talk about it later.)

Therefore, personal point of view: for customers to purchase goods, the most critical is quality, followed by delivery, and finally the price.

Choosing famous brand products, first of all, the quality is guaranteed. Even if there are occasional problems, there can be an explanation, no need for individuals to carry.
Timely delivery is the most important, early delivery affects inventory assessment; late delivery affects production and sales.

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