The Development and Changes of the Special Handicrafts and Hats Industry in Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market

Ⅰ. Active transactions in the special handicraft industry in Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market

1. Yiwu small commodity Christmas supplies are booming

Due to the long distance, the purchase of Christmas supplies by foreign businessmen in Yi is generally concentrated from June to September. Recently, the number of foreign businessmen entering the market has been increasing, and the product sales are mainly low-end products, such as inflatable Santa Claus, Christmas stickers, various Christmas Small pendants, etc.; tree lights, rice lights, gypsophila and other Christmas lights are sold in varying degrees due to their low prices. The products are exported to Europe, America, Brazil and other places.

2. Yiwu small commodities and innovative Christmas products are very popular

In recent years, in order to enhance the competitiveness of products, enterprises have continuously developed new products that suit the needs of businesses. For example, in order to meet the consumption habits of Europeans and Americans, they have increased the artistic creativity and technological content of products in the production of Christmas products, and produced optical fiber Christmas trees with changing lights, Santa Claus who can dance and sing, and various doll gifts, etc.

3. Yiwu small commodity religious supplies purchase heating up

With the arrival of the summer tourist season, people worship Buddha and travel activities increase. Buddhist supplies made of red sandalwood, lobular red sandalwood, ebony, lightning strike wood and boxwood are very popular; all kinds of jade and crystal pendants are auspicious and beautiful,which are loved by merchants from all over the world; in addition, monks and dealers in Buddhist scenic spots around the world are buying Buddha beads, jade pendants and other commodities, and Buddha statues have gradually become key purchases.

Ⅱ. The summer products of the hat industry in Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market have outstanding sales momentum

Since July last year, the overall transaction volume of the hat industry has continued to increase slightly. Among them, the domestic trade replenishment of summer and autumn hat products has become the main source of recent on-site purchases, and the volume has been considerable. The monthly price index of the industry was 100 points, the same as last month, down 1.67 points year-on-year; the monthly prosperity index was 816.53 points, up 1.98 points month-on-month and up 56.69 points year-on-year.

1. Yiwu small commodities summer and autumn sun hats have strong sales

As the temperature continues to rise, sun hats with various functions are welcomed by domestic and foreign buyers, and the demand is optimistic. Among them, the traditional straw hats with wide brim and affordable price have become the first choice for those who are engaged in outdoor work and agricultural labor to protect against the heat of the summer, and the sales are gratifying; at the same time, with the large number of people visiting the beach in summer, some beach hats with oversized brim have become popular among gamers. In addition, the anti-ultraviolet sun hats, which are novel in style, widely used, and suitable for bicycles, electric vehicles, outdoor leisure and other groups, are welcomed by consumers all over the world, and the market is very popular.

2. The price adjustment of small commodities in Yiwu has stabilized

Due to the general rise in the cost of fabrics, embroidery, printing and dyeing, and labor, the prices of hat products have been rising since last year. After more than a year of fluctuations and adjustments, the overall price of the industry has recently stabilized, and only a small number of commodity prices still have a slight increase. The stabilization of the overall price of the industry is very beneficial to the later sales of hat products, and many businesses remain optimistic about the market outlook.

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