The Role of Procurement Agents

Purchasing, as the life source of enterprises, ensures the smooth production and the quality of products. Whether from the theoretical point of view of procurement or from the role played in the actual work, it is immeasurable to the profits of enterprises.

Basic quality requirements for product sourcing: A. Strong working ability: Purchasing is a very complex and demanding job, and the basic working abilities that purchasers should possess are quite diverse. Purchasing personnel must have a high level of analytical, predictive, expressive and professional knowledge.

B. Analytical ability: Because purchasers often face many different strategies, such as material specifications, purchase decision-making of varieties, which price can be accepted by enterprises, how to transport and store materials, and how to manage them to get consumers’ response. Therefore, good purchasers have the skills to use analysis tools and can make effective decisions based on the analysis results.

The role of product sourcing
1. Effective purchasing management can ensure timely delivery, facilitate the material flow of product or service quality, ensure the operation of enterprises, and maintain the continuous cost optimization of enterprises. The most effective way to minimize the investment and loss of inventory and ensure the continuous supply of materials is to maintain a large amount of inventory and improve the profitability and competitive position of the company.

2. Purchasing is the basic guarantee of enterprise product quality. That is to say, the quality of enterprise products should not only be well controlled within the enterprise, but also be controlled in the process of supplier quality management. The upstream quality control of suppliers is good, which can reduce the quality cost and the inspection fee of enterprises.

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