These are the most Popular Products in Yiwu Market recently.

The following is the recent yiwu market product list, mainly the latest hot-selling products.

Summer sales volume of products, arts and crafts, nursing and beauty products, sports and entertainment products and other industries have a steady market.

1. Audio-visual equipment category: small downward adjustment.

In terms of the domestic sales, medical film, film, proofing film, PVC film, crystal film and other sales are good, desktop mini camera tripod, live tripod, industrial camera microscope camera, usb computer camera, rear-view mirror reverse camera sales are considerable.

In terms of export, long focus lens bracket, dual-lamp SLR camera bracket and electronic photo frame are sold well, mainly selling to the places such as the Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and so on; wireless one-drag two microphones, collar clip K-song microphones, live microphones with headphone holes, recording microphones are sold well, mainly in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and other places.

2. Baby toys: steady trend.

On the domestic market, traditional products such as kick piano fitness rack, gum baby hand bell and hand drum are still welcomed by purchasers, which is mainly purchased by parcel purchase; children’s sound and light comforting hippocampus, electronic induction music dog, baby electronic piano and other products are more liked by retail merchants, and become the preferred products for tourism shopping.

In terms of export, more inquirers came to yiwu after the spring canton fair ends. Foreign trade orders are still dominated by low-priced plastic products. Children percussion instruments set toys, flashing hand-shaking toys, electronic bedside hanging bell toys and other products are mainly sold in the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

3. Hair jewelry category: slightly increased.

On the domestic market, products like crystal clips, imitation flower handmade headbands, imitation pearl edge clips, cartoon children’s high elastic headbands and other products are favored by purchasers; sales of some simple hairpins, headbands and other hairdressing accessories have steadily increased, such as high elastic traceless leather bands, telephone line leather bands, simple BB clips; sales of various types of wigs are in a stable state, and the sales of the middle-aged and elderly short hair wigs, Liu Hai film have increased slightly.

In terms of export, resin hair ornaments, leather band rope, gauze, cotton headscarf, zircon drilling claws are favored by the foreign businessmen, selling to the Middle East, Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and other places.

4. Specialized crafts: The trend is stable.

On the domestic market, the popularity of religious goods has risen, and all kinds of Buddhist goods such as Buddha statues, incense burners, monk clothes, monk hats and so on have been sold in good stock. Sales of all kinds of happy event things such as salad flowers, wedding sticks have been stable in the near future.

In terms of export, Christmas supplies gradually ushered in the peak of purchasing. Foreign merchants inquired frequently for various Christmas decorations, such as Christmas pendants, Christmas stickers, Christmas ornaments and so on, with a large turnover, mainly sold to Europe and the United States and other places; foreign merchants of religious goods purchased smoothly, and their products were mainly sold to Southeast Asia.

5. Packaging category: small callback.

For domestic sales, sales of plastic garment bags and opp packaging transparent bags increased; orders for outer packing boxes were stable, mainly for accustomed customers.

In terms of export, orders for non-woven bags, woven shopping bags and student pen bags have increased, exporting to South America, Korea and other places; various kinds of thermal insulation bags, non-woven ice bags, food thermal insulation express bags, car refrigerators and other refrigeration packages are selling well, and the products are exported to countries and regions such as America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, South Korea; in jewelry boxes, paper jewelry boxes are selling well, which are very popular among the customers and businessman in South America.

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