What Products Sell Well in Yiwu Small Commodity Market Recently?

Yiwu products prices are more affordable, so the sales of many commodities are often high. After the intensive rainy weather, the temperature rose again, and all kinds of summer products became popular again. Bamboo sheet cushion, car ice bag cushion and other sales are steady, swimming goggles, diving goggles and other demand is strong, split skirt style is popular in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Swimwear products are in a hot market

Recently, summer products in swimwear apparel industry are selling very well.
Domestic sales: women’s suspended neck, girls’ split skirt style is popular in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places; Sales of milk silk women’s swimsuits and peach velvet men’s beach trousers increased. Swimming caps are mainly supplied by returning orders from old customers. Black and gray fabric swimming caps are popular in coastal provinces and municipalities.
In terms of export, single shoulder split swimsuits are popular in Brazil, Malaysia and other countries. Middle and low-grade sequined women’s split swimsuits are mainly purchased by Middle East businessmen.

Steady ice bag cushion for vehicle

The automotive supplies industry has been in good condition recently.
Domestic sales: Chenille dust gloves, car care wax, ultra-concentrated car wipers and other products are popular in Yiwu and surrounding counties and cities; Four square bamboo sheet cushion, car ice bag cushion and other sales trend is steady; The orders of sun shield, waterproof sunscreen garment, motorcycle cushion heat shield and so on are mainly returned orders. Memory bone pillow, detachable dual-purpose pillow and other products sell well, because the product quality is better and the price is appropriate.
Export: wipers, car belts, truck taillights and other products are mainly sold in the Middle East, Africa, India and other places, and sales have increased steadily.

Recent batches of student supplies are in full swing

With the opening of the school approaching, the cultural and educational supplies industry has entered the standby period and the market has steadily risen.
Pen bags, stationery boxes, textbook packaging supplies, stationery sets and other student supplies are in full swing. Blackboard, whiteboard, green board, chalk, eraser, magnetic attraction and other teaching supplies are mostly purchased by the school as a whole, and the stock tends to be saturated. Pigments, palettes, brushes and other artistic goods have a considerable volume, while knives, canvas, easels, painting boards and other professional goods have a relatively flat sales trend.

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