Why Choose China Purchasing Agent

Chinese purchasing agent enterprises have the following advantages and capabilities.

There is still room for cost squeeze in material procurement. According to the relevant data, the procurement cost accounts for 60%-65% of the total investment cost in Chinese traditional material procurement mode, while in foreign countries, the proportion is less than 40%. That is to say, there is at least 20% compression space in the cost of Chinese purchasing agent. In order to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, it is a very real choice to reduce the cost of material procurement.

China procurement agent can save the direct cost of purchasing better. First of all, it specializes in the procurement of certain or several types of materials and can provide services for multiple customers at the same time. Therefore, in operation, it is usually a bulk procurement. Bulk procurement often has greater discounts on price and can enjoy more preferential discounts than ordinary customers. Secondly, the procurement agent company only manages the procurement of one or several kinds of materials, has more information than the general enterprise, knows the market situation in this field well, and can complete the procurement task quickly when the customer issues the procurement instructions, which can save a lot of transaction costs such as inspection, negotiation and so on.

Purchasing agents can better guarantee the quality of purchased materials. China purchasing agent can survive and develop because it is subject to an invisible restriction, that is, its responsibility to customers. Customers trust it and are willing to entrust their purchasing business to it so that it can survive and grow. Therefore, it must stand on the customer’s position, think what the customer wants, and be anxious for the customer’s needs.

Purchasing agents can provide faster services. China purchasing agent has a professional material distribution team, which has the ability to deliver the required materials to the designated location of customers in a relatively short period of time.

China procurement agent can effectively prevent corruption in material procurement. The Chinese purchasing agent model separates the function of material purchasing from the inside of the enterprise and makes the relationship between the purchasing agent enterprise and its customers open and clear. For customer enterprises, it reduces the link of material procurement, reduces the possibility of corruption in material procurement at the source, and greatly reduces the cost of supervision in material procurement.

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