Yiwu Established

On the afternoon of October 11, 2018, Yiwu China Commodity City Chamber of Commerce “China Dream” Product Industry Branch was established with the theme of “Standardization leads the improvement of the quality of Chinese Dream commodities and standardization promotes the globalization of international trade”. This indicates that enterprises and market operators who have been authorized by the “China Dream” series products have a new “home”. It is reported that the project of “shaking the rattle drum and realizing the Chinese Dream” is one of the key projects in the construction of Yiwu civilization. Wear a silk scarf with a festive Chinese doll on it. Open an umbrella, the umbrella surface is a pastoral harvest of Chinese painting; Hold up a porcelain bowl, side printed with “a drop of sweat a grain”… Entering Yiwu International Trade City, small commodities that convey socialist core values will be dazzling. With the help of the international radiation of the market, Yiwu small commodities with the theme of “Chinese Dream” such as tablecloths, children’s intellectual toys, lanterns, tea sets and so on have been sold well at home and abroad.

Yiwu is known as the “capital of small commodities” in the world. Every year, tens of thousands of containers of small commodities are sent to more than 210 countries and regions around the world. In November 2013, Yiwu launched the project of “Shaking the rattle drum and realizing the Chinese Dream”, calling on enterprises and market operators to participate in the excavation and development of excellent traditional culture, so as to integrate the socialist core values into a series of commodities of “Chinese Dream” and transmit them to millions of households. With the strong support of Shangcheng Group, the authorized enterprises of “China Dream” co-sponsored the establishment of “China Dream” Branch of Yiwu China Commodity City Chamber of Commerce.

“With the development of associations and enterprises, the excellent traditional Chinese culture can be better grafted into products and disseminated to the world. The Association will give full play to the advantages of “China Dream + Market”, set up “China Dream” brand function exhibition center, and make full use of logistics, exhibition, e-commerce and other advantages to expand the popularity of “China Dream” series products and market channels. In the next step, the association will build a learning platform for its members by means of investigation and special meetings to innovate more “China Dream” products. Prepare to hold the “China Dream” creative design competition, apply for patents for original design elements in time, and authorize the operation of commodities patented; Organize and authorize enterprises to standardize VI design declaration of commodities, and promote “China Dream” series of commodities to better “go out”.

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