Yiwu International Trade City Hand Jewelry and Hair Jewelry Industry Has a Stable Development

Ⅰ. The sales trend of hand accessories industry in Yiwu International Trade City is stable

1. The domestic trade market is slightly popular

With the successive holding of exhibitions such as Yiwu Fair and Forest Fair, the popularity of on-site purchases has increased slightly, and some new seasonal products have been welcomed by new and old customers, and transactions have increased.

Among them, sterling silver bracelets, zircon bracelets, Korean bracelets and other products are favored by domestic consumers, and their sales are stable; in addition, elegant and simple pearl bracelets and pearl rings are favored by children’s consumers, and their sales volume is considerable.

2. The price of natural rough stone jewelry for small commodities in Yiwu has dropped

With the continuous decline of gift consumption in recent years, the transaction of some high-end consumer goods such as jewelry and jade with characteristics such as wearing and collection has shown a downward trend. Affected by this, the price of some finished products in the market has recently decreased slightly.

Among them, the sales of coral bracelets, marine pearl bracelets, jade bracelets and other products were mainly stable, and prices fell slightly.

3. “Xinyi-Europe” railway opens up a new channel for foreign trade

With the recent opening of the new Silk Road from Yiwu to Madrid, the “Xinyi-Europe” railway line, operators in the jewelry industry have benefited from benefits, and both freight costs and freight time have been greatly saved.

Stimulated by this favorable situation, the recent foreign trade orders of various hand accessories such as zircon bracelets and alloy rings have been greatly improved.

Ⅱ. The hair accessories industry of Yiwu International Trade City is running steadily

1. Domestic sales are stable

As the temperature rises, a large number of new hair accessories are launched, and the inquiries from domestic merchants are increasing one after another. Among them, hair accessories with rich styles and fashionable styles have attracted the attention of buyers from all over the world. Domestic sales of children’s hair accessories are booming, and operators report that sales have increased significantly.

2. Hairpin accessories are favored by buyers from all over the world

The copper hairpins in the venue will not rust and have a gold-like luster. This kind of hairpins is beautiful and practical, and is very popular in the market. Hairpins made of aluminum and aluminum alloys are exquisite and novel. This hairpin has fine workmanship and good luster. With technical upgrades, nickel-free and lead-free environmentally friendly electroplating, it not only ensures beautiful appearance, but also in line with the concept of green products.

3. The overall performance of Yiwu’s small commodity export was mediocre, and the operators responded actively

With the slowdown in the demand for hair accessories in countries such as Europe, the United States and the Middle East, the export volume has decreased compared with the same period. Some diamond-encrusted head buckles exported to Italy and alloy hairpins exported to Brazil and other countries declined significantly in terms of transaction volume. With the slowdown of exports, business households have joined the groups that export to domestic sales and industrial upgrading and transformation.

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