Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market – the Latest Wholesale Guide! Goods Strategy!

All along, there have been many stalls of novice friends consulting entities where to buy good? Where can I get into the cheapest stall? And so many other questions. Today, we share with you the cheapest source of stalls in the preferred wholesale city: Yiwu.


1. Before you go there to buy goods, what is the purpose of your trip? That is to say, the main thing to see is what goods, casually look at the heart will only see nothing.
2. How much does the purchase price want to be less than? Which varieties are going to be introduced? And so on and so on related questions, you must plan in advance and then go to purchase. Speaking of booth goods, how can we get less of the capital of small commodities, Yiwu, Zhejiang Province? The cheapest vendor city: Yiwu, Zhejiang.
Yiwu Market: I believe that you should be familiar with this place. If you want to enter cheap and varied sources of stalls, you should first promote Yiwu, Zhejiang Province.
International Trade City (Phase I): Intersection of Huancheng East Road and Chouzhou North Road; Handicrafts, Jewelry, Toys, Flowers
International Business City (Phase II): east of North Road of Chouzhou and west of Futian Road; hardware, electronics, bags, rain gear, clocks and watches, etc.
Zhanyuan Market: No. 51 Zhanyuan Road; Daily Department Stores, Ribbons, Shoes, Needles and Cotton, Style, etc.
Binwang Market: No. 158 Binwang Road; Clothing, non-staple food, tie, bedding, towels, plush, dried fructose, knitted cotton, textiles, cosmetics, etc.
Knitting market: 93 Chengzhong Road; Socks, socks accessories, raw materials
Household appliances market: 101 Binwang Road; Various kinds of household appliances
Communication Market: 211 Binwang Road; Various communication tools
Computer Market: Computer, Computer Consumables
Material market: No. 199 Chengxi Road; Aluminum products, clothing materials, ceramic building materials, stone materials, decoration materials
Wood market: 266 Chengxi Road; wood-based panels, wood threads, wood flooring, decoration, hardware, buttons, paints, logs, bamboo, doors and windows processing
Furniture market: 238 Binwang Road; Furniture, office appliances
Agricultural Trade City: Overpass of Midwest Road; Fruits, cereals, oils, vegetables, flowers
Market of means of production: No. 251 Chengxi Road; Decoration materials, plastics, metal materials, building materials
Cosmetics market: 238 Binwang Road; various cosmetics, cosmetic appliances
Garment Market: First Floor of Binwang market area A, first floor of area B, clothing and furry
Non-staple food market: non-staple food, groceries, dried fruits, candies and fried goods on the first floor of area D and C of Binwang Market
Tie Market: Ties on the 2nd floor of Binwang market Area D
Bedding Market: Bedding, knitted underwear, shirts on the second floor of area A and area B of Binwang Market
Lace Market: Various Laces on the 2nd Floor of Binwang Market Area D
Towel Market: Towels on the third floor of Binwang Market area C
Textile Market: Textiles and Fabrics in Area E of Binwang market
Eyeglasses Market: North Side Eyeglasses of Zhengyuan market
Cultural goods market: Cultural goods
Knitting raw materials: all kinds of knitting raw materials on the second floor of the knitting Market
Yiwu is the sea of small commodities in the world. There are many kinds of products that can be wholesaled occasionally. Different kinds of products have different products gathering places. However, Yiwu’s largest and most influential wholesale market is the International Trade City, also known as the Futian market.
Futian wholesale market can wholesale a lot of products, but also more complete, the daily flow of people is also very large, so there are many vehicles to go there. Almost every bus stop has a bus to the Trade City, but the stops are different. But in fact, the goods in the commercial city are really not cheap, and they are really cheap to sell in some other wholesale markets. These are the professional stall wholesale markets. There are railway stations and airports in Yiwu. The railway stations and airports are several kilometers apart. So it’s convenient to inquire about the number of routes before you go, take a bus to the city and then go to the city.
I hope you can use this Yiwu wholesale market guide to find the goods you are satisfied with!

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