Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market Underwear Industry Warms Up

As the weather turns cooler every year, the thermal underwear is also in peak season. Women’s body sculpting and belly warm clothes are also very popular. Driven by the market, the prosperity index in October also rose by 19.55 points month-on-month.

1. The new ultra-thin thermal underwear in the Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market is selling well and has an eye-catching performance

In October every year, some areas in the north have basically entered the winter. Thickened and fleece thermal underwear has been very popular in the north. The market purchases are mostly wholesale in large quantities. Yiwu small commodity buyers basically buy within 100 yuan. The thermal underwear is dominated by double-layer fleece gold armor thermal underwear and pure cotton thick thermal underwear. The sales of winter underwear in the southern region are relatively slow, but the volume of underwear sold to southern provinces and cities this month is more obviously rised. 

2. There are many styles of bras in Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market, and the sales are stable

There are various styles of women’s bras. Adjustable bras are favored by the majority of beauty-loving ladies, and have received a lot of attention. In addition, traditional simple and comfortable monochrome bras are also favored by consumers, and the volume remains stable; massage hydration bag sexy adjustment bras, Embroidered deep V sexy push-up bras, lace breathable and heightened side push-up bras are more popular with consumers, and their sales are steadily rising.

In terms of foreign trade, bras are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Russia and South America.

3. The domestic sales of underwear in Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market are promising, and the trading volume is enlarged

With the advent of winter, the volume of autumn and winter underwear has increased. Autumn and winter underwear is made of thicker materials, and some are mainly high waist, which is more obvious in women’s underwear; lace high waist and hip-lifting beauty underwear, pure cotton sexy butt-lifting antibacterial seamless underwear, lace cute modal underwear are recent women’s models A staple of underwear. Men’s underwear is popular with boxers, and high-end boxed bamboo charcoal fiber underwear is very popular.

As a large wholesale market in China, today’s Yiwu has become the largest logistics center in central and western Zhejiang, and logistics has become another pillar industry besides trade and manufacturing.

The logistics network of “Yiwu Business District” is forced to spread all over the country and even the world. The realization of functions such as warehousing, processing, information, testing, logistics and distribution is of great significance to the normal operation and further promotion of “China Yiwu International Trade City”. Welcome to consult.

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